What Is Menstrual Cup ?

"Menstrual cup is a bell shape silicone made device which is used during mensturation periods and its collects the blood instead of absorbing blood.Menstrual cup is an alternative to traditional pads and tampons .One Menstrual cup can even last upto 10 year if it used properly".

why choose menstrual cup over disposable ''PADS AND TAMPONS '' ?

1. One menstrual cup will last you forever.

YES ,you heard right .One cup can last even upto 10 years if it used with proper care. 


2. Save money.

it saves thousands of rupees which we spent on disposable pads ,which have to buy again and again.

3. Visit the pharmacy less.

4. Go upto 12 hours.


5. Hold more liquid. 

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''one menstrual cup can hold 5 times more liquid than pads and tampons.That makes life more easier for ladies with heavier flow''.

6. Dodge chemicals going *up there*.

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7. Suffer less leaks.

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8. Sleep better.

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9. Ward off rashes.

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