which size should i use?

progirly menstrual cup is available in three sizes .

SIZE S: for those who have not given birth vaginally and for teens .

SIZE M:Age between 25 to 35 ;usual or average flow

SIZE L:That size is suitable for those who have given birth vaginally.

can virgins use Progirly Menstrual cup?

yes, if you are a virgin you can still use the progirly menstrual cup.Infact you can start using the cup as soon as you get your periods.There is no age limit ,however it does require you are comfortable with your body and periods.virgins and young girls vaginal muscles tend to be tighter,which can make insertion a bit difficult.therefore you might want practice in the beginning.if it feels uncomfortable, don,t force it,but take a break and relax body ,try it later.


Will my hymen stay intact?

you might have grown up that the hymen can rip or break during sexual intercourse or inserting a menstrual cup.This is not the case with hymen as it is has been widely misunderstood recently.the hymen is actually made up of tissue that will gradually be worn away with time.during the early years the hymens thin and widens as a result of athletic and other activities,even activities as simple as walking.

for how long can i wear Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup should be emptied every 8-12 hours.In the beginng we recommend that you empty it more frequently,while you getting to know your cup and flow .

Moreover your cup absorb 3X more liquid than XL tampons or pads,so it can easily worn for long period of time.  

Can i use menstrual cup with heavy periods?
yes ,menstrual cup can be easily used with heavy periods ,since it can contain 3X more than a XL tampon.In the beginning when youn just started using cup and knowing your flow ,we recommend you to empty menstrual cup to see how quikly it fills up. if you have a heavier flow then you might have to empty your cup twice a day.