For women
35 years of age & above
With heavier than usual flow
Have had normal delivery


For women25 to 35 years of age
With usual/average flow
Babies with c section


Small size
For women
Non married

Folding the cup

Press the sides of the cup between and fold it in half to create "U" shape. OR Hold
the top rim of the cup with your index finger on the top rim, push the
rim down into the center of the cup to create a triangle.


Get comfortable while sitting on the toilet or standing with one leg up
on the bathtub. Hold the folded cup between your thumb and forefinger
and push the curved edge of the folded cup into your vagina
horizontally. Once the cup is in your vagina, grip the cup base and turn
the cup on one complete rotation-360 degrees. This will create a seal.
That's it! You are done.


Always wash your Hand before inserting or removing Progirly Menstrual cup. Stress can tighten your muscle, so relax you'll get the hang of this in no time.

Your Periods will Never be the Same Again

Progirly has transformed your problems into freedom; unhygiene into hygiene, sleeplessness into sleepfullness, rashes into smoothness, leakage into dryness, hesitation into confidence, and your fear of judgment into strong independence. its not only a journey of periods, its a journey from being a girl to a "Progirl."  

You think you know!...but

"Progirly offers what you can't refuse"

Freedom forever! Reusable for upto year! 

With proper care and cleansing, one Progirly menstrual cup can last up
to year, minimizing the monthly cause of sanitary waste and even
saving the environment. In the long term, the cup is also financially a
more viable option than pads.

Amazing Flexibility!

Progirly Menstrual Cups are highly soft and flexible to fit in
perfectly. Thanks to its design! It is an ideal menstrual aid for
swimming and all other kinds of sports, traveling, and common daily

Spill-proof & Leakage Proof! 

Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, the cup is highly flexible to fit
perfectly, and it collects blood without spillage. The rim of the cup
creates a vacuum seal around your vaginal walls, ensuring reliable,
leak-free protection.

Say Goodbye to Odor & Infection!

Say no to odor with Progirly's easy-to-use menstrual cup. Made with
medical-grade silicone, the cup does not release any odor like other
sanitary products, saving you embarrassment. Also, it doesn't absorb the
blood but collects it, diminishing any chances of infections.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is an insertable period product that collects rather than absorbs your period flow. As a single cup can be safely re-used for years, it is a highly affordable and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. Menstrual cup users experience a range of life-changing benefits, such as:

Leak-free protection for up to 12 hoursSleeping comfortably through the night Working, exercising, swimming and being active throughout the day `No rashes, discomfort or itching No unpleasant odours No need to purchase or dispose of sanitary pads/tampons Reuse a single cup for up to 10 years

Can virgins use Progirly Menstrual cup?

Can virgins use Progirly Menstrual cup?Yes!
If you are a virgin, you can still use the Progirly menstrual cup. In
fact you can start using the cup as soon as you get your periods. There
is no age limit. However, it does require you are comfortable with your
body and periods.For how long can i wear Progirly Menstrual Cup?Menstrual
cup should be emptied every 8-12 hours. In the beginning, we recommend
that you empty it more frequently while you are

For how long can i wear Progirly Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup should be emptied every 8-12 hours. In the beginning, we
recommend that you empty it more frequently while you are getting to
know your cup and flow.

Can i use Progirly menstrual cup with heavy periods?

A menstrual cup can be used for heavy periods since it can contain 3X
more than an XL tampon. In the beginning, when you just started using
the cup and knowing your flow, we recommend you empty your menstrual cup
to see how quickly it fills up. If you have a heavier flow, then you
might have to empty your cup twice a day.

Progirly Menstrual Cup Benefits

1.From Unhygienic to Hygienic Experince

2. From Sleepless to Sleepfull Nights

3. From Rashes to Smoothness

4. From Leakage to Dryness

5. From Hesitation to Confidence

6. From Fear of Judgment to Strong Independence.

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